The Right Diamonds for The Right Piece

We understand that when you're designing your jewelry collection, you need the perfect stones cut to the right dimensions with the right clarity.  This is why we've put together this free guide to finding the perfect stone, specifically for custom jewelry designers.  This way, you can focus on creating the one of a kind piece your customers are looking for. 

When you get the right stones for your collection, you consistently deliver quality designs that your customers love.  Consistency is key to keep retaining customers and earning new business.  It's important that you don't compromise on your stone choice so your collection can shine like you design it to.

What's Inside

We've put together this comprehensive guide for jewelry designers so you can shop smarter and make sure you're getting a stones you can use in their collections.  Inside you'll find information on the following:

  • The four C's and how to shop based on them
  • Knowing when to "cheat" or shop based on cost 
  • Selecting the best stone shape for the intended piece
  • Asking the right questions
  • and more!

Simply fill out the form to download your free copy and learn how to find the perfect stone for your collection!