Since the large deposits of diamonds were initially discovered in South Africa in the 1870s, diamonds have been fairly common in the jewelry market, yet they remain valuable. In 1948, the De Beers company unveiled a tagline that has long since crossed company lines - “A Diamond is Forever,” and it is just as true today as it was then and even when diamonds were initially being mined in the 1800s. Why are diamonds still so popular and what is the true long-term value of natural diamonds?

Understanding the Popularity of These Stones

There are actually a number of reasons diamonds are such a popular choice. One reason is their timeless beauty. They’re incredibly attractive, and they always have been. From the earliest written record, people have always believed them to be beautiful. The Ancient Greeks believed diamonds were tears from the Gods. The Romans wrote of them as parts of fallen stars. One close look at a truly beautiful diamond, and it’s not hard to understand why so many believe these stones are simply gorgeous. 

Their beauty, though, is only one part of the equation when it comes to the popularity of this stone. They’ve become a symbol of passion, and many believe something like a diamond engagement ring is the only real way to symbolize love and commitment to one another because it creates a pact that is forever, just as the diamond is. 

Many incredibly famous engagement rings have included a diamond. Big names like Jennifer Lawrence and Kim Kardashian have shown off their gorgeous diamond engagement rings on Instagram for years. When Harry proposed to Meghan, he did so with a diamond. Diamonds have long been a symbol of love, and that’s only going to continue. 

Diamonds also hold their value better than other stones. Natural diamonds typically hold their value in a way some other stones simply don’t, and that makes diamond jewelry an excellent investment for the future. This is one space where the natural vs. lab diamond argument really makes a mark. Lab-created diamonds only continue to drop in price while natural diamonds have always historically risen in value. That makes the natural diamond a solid choice as you search for the right investment piece. 


How Natural Diamonds are Formed

A big part of the beauty and value of diamonds has to do with the actual formation of the stones themselves. Diamonds are actually created from carbon atoms buried deep under the earth’s surface. As deeply as those carbon atoms are buried, they’re exposed to an incredible amount of temperature and pressure, so they begin to bond together and form crystals. 

As billions of carbon atoms begin to lock into place, the diamonds themselves are formed. Eventually, the heat and pressure push them closer to the surface so they can be mined and formed. All of this means one simple thing that affects the value and beauty of a diamond - they’re a finite resource. The earth can only produce so many of them, so every single one is infinitely valuable. 

The Long Term Value of Diamonds

The long-term value of diamonds isn’t going to disappear any time soon. Not only do they make beautiful jewelry, but every diamond you purchase (whether it’s in a perfect setting or loose) is an excellent investment. They take up very little room, they’re incredibly durable, they maintain their value, and they’re actually really enjoyable. Diamond jewelry completes absolutely any outfit. 

Natural diamonds are always the right choice, and that won’t change in the near future. Contact us today for more information about ethically sourced natural diamonds or download our free webinar on the Demand for Sustainably Sourced Natural Diamonds.

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