When you're designing or manufacturing a custom piece of jewelry a great way to achieve a larger-than-life look is through the use of loose melee diamonds. One of the best ways to increase your margin and the overall beauty of a piece of jewelry is to incorporate diamond melee. If you work with an experienced, professional loose diamond melee supplier,  integrating the right diamonds into the right designs,  you can really make custom jewelry an important and profitable part of your business.  Whether you're an independent retailer, manufacturer or designer, melee diamonds can make or break your custom jewelry business and help you achieve greater margins. Diamond melee not only enhances the overall appearance it also gives added value.


Melee Diamonds Meaning

What do we mean when we talk about “melee diamonds”? They are diamonds that weigh less than 0.20 pts.  They are beautiful “small” stones that create a huge impact in their own right. They are just as carefully and exactingly cut as larger-sized diamonds. They may be a single cut (16 facets, 8 on the crown and 8 on the pavilion) or full cut (57 facets, 33 on the crown and 24 on the pavilion or 58 facets with an additional one on the culet), and they are available in a variety of shapes, from round brilliant to ovals, marquise, pear shapes,  straight and tapered baguettes, carre’ cuts and more


How Melee Diamonds Can Make or Break Custom Jewelry (1)

Now that we know the melee diamonds meaning, why are they so important in custom jewelry? How can they make your collection, your profitability, and your reputation shine even brighter?

As professionals in the jewelry world, we contend with:

  • Overhead. Typically, jewelry stores have high overhead costs, such as rent, payroll, insurance, security, utilities, and, of course, inventory. Designers, too, also have a great deal of upfront cost in terms of materials and marketing efforts.
  • Materials. When it comes to diamonds, and other precious gems and metals, supply is largely diminishing while demand is decreasing. Economics 101 tells us that this means one thing: rising prices. This means it costs more for jewelers and designers to purchase materials.

But it should also mean they should charge more for their wares? Not necessarily. Pricing is influenced by a variety of factors, including cost per carat (or per ounce for metal), workmanship, overhead and shipping. 

So, just how do loose melee diamonds enable your business or brand to overcome these challenges?

Big Challenges: Small Solutions

One of the biggest benefits of melee diamonds is the tremendous flexibility in terms of design, and, ultimately, in terms of your profit margins. For example, if you are crafting a custom piece within a budget with little to no wiggle room, melee expands your options. 

You can select a smaller, less expensive center stone and maximize impact by surrounding it with a halo of melee diamonds. Another avenue: pavé. In this setting, the melee is set in a very close honeycomb pattern. Your piece is “paved” with diamonds. You can achieve complex designs, and given the lower cost, you can do so more affordably. At the same time, these intricate pieces can be sold at high price points.

Melee diamonds are a virtual must-have in custom engagement rings, but they can also play an invaluable role in pendants, stud and drop earrings, and more. 

Benefits come not only from the stones but from your wholesale diamond supplier. Pricing for diamonds can fluctuate greatly if you don’t understand what you're buying. Make sure you are working with a reputable supplier who can provide the best product for the best price.

Impossible? Not if you have the right wholesale diamond supplier.  K. Rosengart offers consistency in both the product we offer and the service we provide.                                                                                          

Loose melee diamonds can offer you a solution to the challenges of the market. As GIA puts it, these “tiny stones” have a “big impact.”

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