There is a beautiful symmetry to nature; you can find it in the arms of the starfish, the perfect hexagonal shape of the honeycomb, and the mathematical genius of the sunflower and nautilus shell. You can also find it in diamonds. Uncovered by masters who cut and polish with laser-sharp precision, hearts and arrows diamonds are a true marvel of nature -- and a true centerpiece of your collection.

What to Look for When Buying Hearts and Arrows Diamonds | K. Rosengart

Beautiful Precision

When it comes to hearts and arrows, precision is the key to quality. The pattern is revealed through careful cutting of round cut diamonds, followed by meticulous polishing of each facet. When viewed from the crown, eight symmetrical arrows appear. When viewed through the pavilion, one can see eight symmetrical hearts.

After the “discovery” of these diamonds -- in nature, it’s not so much a discovery as it is a noticing -- there began an incredible marketing efforts. After all, what could be more romantic: Cupid’s arrows piercing the hearts of lovers.

Consumers began to associate these diamonds with the highest quality. But a hearts and arrows diamond is not always high quality. This is why buyers need to be savvy and on guard. As always! Buying melee diamonds is a significant investment; you need to be armed with information and insight. If you are in the market for hearts and arrows diamonds, here are tips to ensure you receive the quality you expect.

  • Look for eight hearts and eight arrows. There cannot be any missing hearts or arrows.
  • The intensity of each heart and each arrow should be identical. If there are some that are less pronounced or “less visible,” this is not a great hearts and arrows diamond.
  • The hearts should all be the same shape and size.
  • There should be a clean differentiation between the hearts and the chevrons that point to the culet.
  • Make sure the shafts around the hearts are aligned with the arrows’ points.
  • Look for a gap between the heart and the V at their bottom, and all gaps between the hearts should be symmetrical.
  • The hearts’ “shoulders” should be squared and of uniform width across all eight hearts.
  • In terms of the arrows, each head  needs to be aligned with each shaft, and the size of the arrow head and shaft should be uniform.

A poor hearts and arrows diamond, for example, might have too many hearts that are different sizes, irregular spacing of the V’s, missing arrow heads, an irregular center, or variations in thickness or length. Now, it’s hard (but not impossible) to find a “perfect” specimen with no flaws whatsoever. You can, however, find wonderful, valuable stones. It depends where you look, and what you look for.

Melee Diamond Buying Guide | K. Rosengart

The key to receiving the value you expect, then, is examining it and determining how many small irregularities are acceptable. When buying these stones loose, your supplier should always provide you with images from a H&A viewer or, if feasible, allow you to look through the scope yourself.

K Rosengart’s expert in-house cutters are experienced in optimizing a stone’s beauty. Our hearts and arrows diamonds are exquisitely polished to ensure patterning is crisp, clean, and uniform. Nature does have gorgeous symmetry -- but sometimes it takes a master to reveal it.