Diamonds are not only the most popular gemstones sold, they are a symbol of eternal love. As a jewelry retailer, you very well know that large stone diamonds are the ultimate way for your customers to express their love and appreciation for that wonderful significant other in their lives. Whether your customers are shopping for the perfect engagement ring, or they are hoping to express their love with a beautiful gift, diamonds are a perennially popular and enduring choice.

That said, there are so many factors for your customers to consider and weigh before they go ahead and make a large purchase. After all, diamonds are forever! 

What are “Large Stone Diamonds”?

Many people want to know what qualifies as a large stone diamond and how to determine what the big diamonds are versus the smaller diamonds. This is such an important question as in many people’s minds the carat of the diamond will be the most important consideration. Educating your customers on the weight, size, and cut of a diamond is one of the joys of being a jewelry retailer. 

Industry standards dictate that large stone diamonds are those that begin at three carats. Big diamonds are a great choice for that special once-in-a-lifetime proposal as well as anniversary jewelry and beyond. Many people consider the purchase of a large stone diamond as something special that will be passed down to future generations as a family heirloom. There is something truly inspiring about knowing that a diamond will be enjoyed, admired, and prized for many lifetimes. 

Large Stone Diamonds: 3+ Carats

Large stone diamonds are considered to be diamonds that are at or above a weight of three carats. These big diamonds are often used as center stones on engagement rings. The brilliance of large stone diamonds really makes the ring stand out in a crowd. 

When diamond shopping, your client may want to consider the diameter. The diameter of the diamond will be in direct correspondence to the weight of the diamond. Of course, the cut makes a big difference. Big diamonds are beautiful in a variety of settings and can also make wonderful statement pieces. 

To help you get a better idea of the diameter of large stone diamonds, here are some helpful approximations of a big diamond in millimeters: 

  • Approximate Sizing for a Round Cut Diamond: 3.00 ct = 9mm
  • Approximate Sizing for a Princess Cut Diamond: 3.00 ct = 7.5mm
  • Approximate Sizing for an Oval Cut Diamond: 3.00 ct = 10x8mm
  • Approximate Sizing for a Pear Cut Diamond: 3.00 ct = 12.5x7.5mm
  • Approximate Sizing for a Marquise Cut Diamond: 3.00 ct = 13.5x7mm
  • Approximate Sizing for a Heart Cut Diamond: 3.00 ct = 9mm

You can see that the measurements change depending on the cut of the diamond. Although these figures are approximations, they will help you visualize how a big diamond will sit as a center stone on a diamond ring, necklace, or earring. And remember, when thinking about what qualifies as a large diamond the general rule is that a large diamond begins at a weight of three carats.

Balancing the 4Cs

Carat weight is not generally considered to be the most critical of the 4Cs. While a big diamond is certainly impressive, it is important to factor in cut, clarity, and color when evaluating a stone. Educating clients is job number one.

For help in sourcing large stone diamonds and informing your clientele of the benefits, contact K. Rosengart.