Big diamonds vs melee diamonds. It is not a case of “versus” so much as which stone or stones are right for the job at hand. Each has its place in the jewelry world, often in conjunction with one another, to create pieces your clientele will gravitate towards and which will become enduring symbols of affection, love, and value. Big loose diamonds can be utilized in a variety of ways. That said, there are many distinctions when it comes to big diamonds vs melee diamonds. Let’s take a look. 

Big Diamonds vs. Melee Diamonds

Melee diamonds can be described as embellishments, but that doesn’t quite describe the absolute magic they can bring to a piece when used to complement big loose diamonds. A large diamond ring can be quite stunning on its own, there is no doubt about that. The choice to use melee diamonds as an enhancement to a ring or other piece can create a unique and unforgettable look. Melee can also make a smaller, less “dazzling” stone sparkle with increased intensity.

You may field many questions about big diamonds vs melee diamonds. In order to satisfactorily answer these questions for your clientele, you will want to be well versed on larger stones, specifically what constitutes a “big diamond” and what exactly melee diamonds are in terms of sizing and use. 

Diamond Melee vs. Diamond Chips

Before we continue, let’s clear up a common misconception. Melee diamonds should not be mistaken for diamond chips; they are two very distinct products. Some vendors will even sell chips under the guise of melees, banking on the fact that most people won’t realize there is a significant difference. 

Chips are stones that have not been properly cut or polished, nor are they faceted to enhance the qualities and characteristics of the diamond. High-quality melee, on the other hand, are small high-quality diamonds. 

To ensure the finest quality you must always be sure to work with reputable diamond wholesalers like K. Rosengart. As a jewelry retailer, you want to provide your customers with genuine and quality products. Your name and reputation are important and the best way to uphold both is by selling high-quality options for your clientele. 

Big Loose Diamonds

There is a real difference between melee diamonds and big loose diamonds. Melee diamonds are very small diamonds used in a variety of settings. Melee is often used to accentuate a large diamond. They add a magical and often enchanting element to any diamond jewelry piece without taking away from the majesty of the large diamond. 

Melee diamonds are used in halo, pavé, and channel settings, which are likely very popular among your clientele. 

Your clients likely love the look and dazzle of the melee diamonds used in these settings, but there are some very important details that they may not know about when it comes to what exactly makes good melee diamonds. As a jewelry retailer, this knowledge is where you are expected to shine. 

You can be confident in explaining the official definition of a melee diamond, written by the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America (GIA). The GIA defines melee diamonds as stones that are 20 pts and down. Therefore, they are always less than 0.2 Carats. Some stones are as small as 0.001 carats. 

Melee Diamonds can be an extremely popular way to make a ring pop. Used tastefully, these stones will not take away from the center diamond but rather they bring out its beauty and elegance. 

Source the Right Diamonds

Whether the diamonds are melee or over 3 carats, it is important that you source diamonds of quality. K. Rosengart specializes in both melee and precision cut, 100% natural large loose diamonds, which are critical in creating sought-after, high-value jewelry for your clientele.

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