July 02, 2019

Diamond Terminology Clarified

Are customers becoming confused about the increasing variety of diamonds and their value? A customer who buys a..

May 16, 2019

How Diamonds Do Good

Is it true that diamonds do good? It was only a few decades back when the industry couldn't say this. Conflict..

February 07, 2019

Diamond Pricing and the Customer Experience

Demand for diamonds continues to go up, but so does diamond pricing. Many customers take the solution for this into..

January 07, 2019

Why Diamond, Jewelry Trades Need to Be Proactive

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently expanded the definition of what a diamond is. That definition now..

March 06, 2018

Women are Emerging in the Diamond Industry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. The diamond industry, however, is not. It’s been a man’s world for decades - but..

January 22, 2018

New Diamond Ads Focus on Love Moments

“Real is Rare, Real is a Diamond.”

January 09, 2018

Are Millennials Selling Their Engagement Rings?

An engagement ring is a symbol of undying love, of commitment, of timelessness and… let’s see how much I can get for..

November 20, 2017

GIA Finds Fake Inscription on Lab Grown Diamond

The system in place for identifying lab-grown diamonds is far from perfect, however the industry is adapting to be..

August 29, 2017

De Beers Turns Down Participation GIA Diamonds Provenance Program

A few weeks back, De Beers Senior VP of sight holder sales, Bernard Bradley told the company’s clients that they..

August 11, 2017

New Process to Identify Lab Grown Diamonds

We can all agree that when you’re shopping for the perfect diamonds, you need to have confidence that you’re getting..