Today, many industries are going green to create a better future for our children. Governments and businesses all over the world have recognized the importance of saving the environment and nowhere is this more important than in the diamond industry. Finding sustainability in the diamond industry means many exciting things for this thousand-year-old process.

Sustainably Sourced Diamonds

Understanding the Diamond

Diamonds can take hundreds of millions of years to form in nature. The process of diamond formation in nature is complex and requires intense pressure and heat deep in the Earth’s crust. Because diamonds are located deep within the Earth’s crust, it takes quite a bit of work to pull them out, but today’s diamond industry is working to create eco-friendly practices to make sure that happens in a safe manner. 

One of the biggest things the industry has done is to create ethical guidelines for diamond mining. The Kimberley process was created to make this happen. A set of rules, the Kimberely process helps companies involved in the industry make certain that diamonds have no history of conflict. Various governments across the world have signed up to put this process into place to make certain that gems aren’t coming from war-torn countries, and while it’s not perfect, it’s certainly a good place to start the conversation about ethics in the diamond industry and the future of sustainable diamonds.

Ethically sourced diamonds, though, aren’t the only concern. They should also be environmentally safe. Today, mining companies are taking several steps to create an earth-friendly extraction process. Some companies have established wildlife preserves to help protect the species of animals often endangered by mining and ensure they can continue to breed. In South Africa, for example, a new conservation area was created for wildlife near the Venetia Diamond Mine in partnership with the mining company and the national parks system. Mines are also working to restore topsoil removed from the site and develop less water-intensive methods to extract the diamonds. Furthermore, they’re working to reduce waste and reuse the resources they mine.

Why Sustainable Diamond Production Matters

Sustainable diamond production is incredibly important. If diamond mining is done well, it can help the economy of the country involved. Places like Botswana, for example, are rich in resources like diamonds, and that can mean millions for employees of the companies and the country itself. The diamond industry can mean so much for developing countries and that makes the quest for sustainably sourced diamonds that much more important. Download our webinar recording on the future of diamonds for more information.

Working With A Sustainable Diamond Supplier

At K.Rosengart we proudly serve only 100% natural diamonds that are sustainably sourced through ethically sound processes and mining companies that follow the Kimberly process. Contact our team today to learn about our natural diamonds or to request pricing. Ready to get started? Place your order diamonds online today.

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