Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. The sacred 4Cs of diamonds. When it comes to explaining the difference between the various cuts of diamonds, things can get a little technical. While many of your customers may already be well-versed in the differences, it is important that, as a professional in the jewelry industry, you are able to bring the technical aspects of diamonds into layman's terms.

Rose Cut Diamond vs. Brilliant Diamond

Your clients may very well have questions for you when it comes to two enduringly popular choices: round brilliant diamonds and rose-cut diamonds. They will want to learn more about technical aspects in order to make the best selection for their style, preferences, and needs.

The cut of the diamond is, in many ways, what defines the stone and contributes to its worth and value on the market.

Before we can explain the different cuts of diamonds we must first explain what a diamond cut is. A diamond cut, simply put, refers to how a stone is cut and polished. The most beautiful and valuable diamonds will be well proportioned in terms of both their symmetry and their depth. 

Many people will confuse the shape of a diamond for the cut of the diamond, but of course, these are two very different things. The shape of a diamond refers to whether it is round, pear, oval, and so on. There are many fancy shapes for clients to choose from. Some of which have been popular for centuries and others of which have been created in our lifetime. While shape has to do with value, it is also largely a choice of style and personal preference. 

So if a diamond cut does not refer to the shape of a diamond, then what exactly are we talking about when we say cut? As we mentioned earlier, the cut of a diamond refers to how a rough stone is cut to bring it to the market. How well the diamond is cut and polished can be rated on a scale from Excellent to Poor. 

The Diamond Cut Grade, established by the Gemological Institute of America, GIA, is the standard by which diamond cuts can be compared. The best-cut diamonds are rated excellent and they exhibit the highest level of fire and brilliance. The poorest cut diamond has little brilliance or fire, exhibited in its lack of shine. 

Cut quality is in direct relationship with the price of the diamond. Therefore, brilliant cut diamonds are the most expensive and the most valuable. Round brilliant diamonds are, when all other aspects are equal, the most valuable diamonds. Rose cut diamonds are less valuable and therefore less expensive than brilliant cuts, all else being equal. 

Rose cut diamond vs. brilliant diamond is a comparison that needs some careful consideration. First of all the two diamond cuts we are discussing are very different, and for some, we may be comparing apples to oranges. 

Round brilliant diamonds have certainly earned their place at the head of the table. They are considered the most desirable and most spectacular

Rose cut diamonds have been around for centuries, but in recent years have reemerged and become popularized by those looking for a more antique look and feel to their diamond. You will know you are looking at a rose cut diamond by the domed top and the triangle facets. 

The main difference between rose cut diamonds and round brilliant diamonds is the number of facets. Brilliant cuts are made to maximize the amount of white light they reflect. They are always made with 57 to 58 facets. Rose cut diamonds do not have a standard number of facets. In fact, they can contain anywhere from 3 to 24. 

Fun Facts About Rose Cut Diamonds

Rose cut diamonds originated in the 1700s. Rather than being designed to reflect white light as a newer cut would, the rose cut was designed to best reflect the dimmer, lower frequency light provided by candles. 

While Rose cut diamonds are likely to be valued less than their Brilliant cut counterparts, they can offer a sense of romanticism, surrealism, and subtle sultry. Of course, the remaining 3Cs will come into play when determining the look of the diamond (and the cost). 

To put it simply, a diamond’s cut is the main contributor to its overall aesthetic and beauty. To many, a higher-quality cut will outway the carat, color, and clarity when it comes to making a final decision between diamonds. 

The round brilliant cut diamond is not only the most popular by a landslide, but it also has a timeless quality. Round brilliant cut diamonds are stunning in engagement rings, earrings, and pendants. Although the term “round cut” is often misused, meaning people use the term referring to the shape of the diamond. 

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