What Are Synthetic Diamonds

Sythetic Diamonds: Protecting Consumer Confidence | K. Rosengart

Synthetic diamonds are gemstones grown in labs, or other controlled environments that share the same chemical make-up and crystalline structure as naturally mined diamonds.  Despite the chemical structure of synthetics being identical to that of natural stones, a diamond is regarded as being created by nature, and therefore synthetics must be prefaced with a term denoting as such.


What's the Big Deal? 

The issue that arises with synthetic diamonds is when they make their way into parcels of naturally mined diamonds.  This comromises the authenticity, reputation, and value of stones in the natural diamond market causing uneasiness for consumers as it creates a shadow of doubt about their purchases.  Detecting lab-grown diamonds has become much more accessible, however machines aren't as widespread as they could be.


What's Inside?

In this walk-through, we identify everything you need to know about synthetic diamonds.  This includes:

  • How lab grown diamonds are made
  • Detection methods
  • A process to eliminate them from the mix
  • and More!

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