Many people claim to sell super ideal cut diamonds, but what does that really mean? If you are looking for a super ideal cut diamond, then you already know that cut plays the most important role in determining a diamond's beauty. Thus, super ideal cut diamonds do cost more. The question is whether or not that cost is worth it.

A super ideal cut diamond displaying a near perfect hearts and arrows pattern

Is a Super Ideal Cut Diamond Worth It?

This is probably one of the top three questions asked when it comes to diamonds.

Before purchasing a diamond, it is vital to examine the stone closely so you fully understand what makes it unique. Although you can view diamonds online by watching videos, it is crucial you understand how those stones differ from other diamonds.

According to the International Gem Society (IGS), "super ideal cut diamonds have cuts with an extremely high degree of precision and angles that give them superior performance. The cut quality of a super ideal cut diamond goes above and beyond that of the GIA’s 'Excellent' and AGS’s 'Ideal' grades. It also means that the diamond will sell at a premium."

Many factors contribute to the diamond cut grade, such as total depth, table percentage, crown height, pavilion depth, and crown angle. All these factors must work together to give you the maximum sparkle.

What Do Hearts and Arrows Diamonds Mean?

Another term used regularly when referring to super ideal cut diamonds is "hearts and arrows". A round diamond will display varying degrees of hearts and arrows from none to a perfect pattern. Hearts and arrow patterns are formed and various reflections are created when viewed from the top and the bottom of the stone. Diamonds with distinct patterning, even with a slight variation, are considered hearts and arrows diamonds by most merchants. One thing for sure is that in order for a diamond to be considered super ideal cut, it must have a near perfect hearts and arrow pattern.

Buying a super ideal cut diamond and paying more for your stone can be tricky, so the best thing you can do is to rely on an expert you can trust, like K. Rosengart, to show you the differences in the diamonds and focus on the diamonds visual performance. Contact us for assistance today!