Even though melee diamonds are less than 0.2 carats (as defined by the Gemological Institute of America), they are extremely versatile making them a popular choice for enhancing the appearance of larger diamond center stones. These oval melee diamonds can turn a simpler ring into a truly brilliant piece. This melee diamond shape comes in various sizes and can be used in a wide range of settings. Here is a guide to oval melee diamonds' most common sizes and uses.

Common Oval Melee Diamond Sizes 

We stock ovals in 0.05 carat and up, which is 3x2mm size. You really start to see the shape over 0.10 carats. Depending on the shape you're interested in we can provide longer thinner ovals, or shorter wider stones. We recommend a pleasant classically proportioned oval silhouette. There are so many options it's important to reach out when designing your piece so we can tell you what's available. 

Some common sizes:

  • 0.05 carats 3x2mm
  • 0.08 carats 3.3x2.3mm
  • 0.12 carats 3.7x2.5-2.6mm
  • 0.15 carats 4.3x3mm

Common Uses of the Oval Melee Diamond Shape

While melee diamonds are tiny, they can have a huge impact. They add a stunning sparkle when matched well. Oval diamond melee jewelry has a special glitter and allure that's hard to resist. The most popular settings for oval melee diamonds are: shared prong, halo, and bezel set. Oval melee diamonds add some all-around shine, uniqueness, and volume without overshadowing the diamond at the heart of the piece. Melee plays a key supporting role.

Oval melee diamonds are a great addition to almost any ring's band. On wedding bands, oval melee diamonds create a spectacular shine and brilliance. When choosing oval diamond melee, consider matching, size, quality, and price. You should also consider the setting in which the diamond will be used. 

Matching is probably the most important aspect of fancy-shaped melee. You want to be sure that your diamond supplier is spending the time and energy to make sure that each order is uniform in size and shape. In order to create a brilliant piece, you need each diamond to match, and at K. Rosengart, we like to say that with diamonds this small, it really is an art form. You want someone with our experience to help you in that selection process.

If you're interested in learning more about oval melee diamonds, or if you're looking for a specific size or use, don't hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help you find the perfect oval melee diamonds for your needs.