As a diamond specialist, you've probably noticed that your customers might be indecisive when selecting your diamond for an engagement ring. So, are you educating them properly on their options? Great. But how can you tell which diamond is the best fit for them? Well, we've got your back! In this article, we look at how to pick a diamond shape to make a perfect engagement ring for your customers every time.

Round Brilliant

This shape is ideal for those who want to be able to wear their jewelry often but also want something classic. The round brilliant cut is considered a classic shape because it's simple and works well with any style. In addition, it's considered a timeless piece, so if your client is indecisive, and you want to make sure that they’ll love it forever, then you can hardly go wrong with recommending a round brilliant center stone.


Oval-shaped diamonds have risen in popularity over recent years. These stones may look more elegant than round diamonds because they're more unique and sparkle brightly. The oval cut looks good with most styles but works well when paired with a more modern style. If your client comes in without a shape preference but wants something slightly different–while still timeless–then point them in this direction.


Radiant diamonds are well known for looking larger than most of the other diamonds of the same carat weight, giving them extra presence. In addition, the shape is popular due to its similarities with an emerald cut, but it reflects more light, and from all angles, making it easier for it to catch the eyes of others. Radiant cuts are also perfect for stacking with other gemstones because they balance light and dark areas well, which can help make engagement rings more versatile. These are for the customer who really wants to make a statement.


Heart-shaped diamonds are known for their romantic appeal and beauty, which of course makes them great in engagement rings. While heart-shaped jewelry is some people’s idea of perfect and romantic, it is not for everyone. If your client is looking for something non-traditional, then show them a heart-shaped diamond, and watch their reaction. If they don’t love it immediately, steer them toward something else.


The emerald cut is all about the dimensions. There is a certain length-to-width ratio that appeals to the eye without us even knowing. Simple yet elegant, the emerald cut has an open table, tight corners, and sharper cuts. There is a corridor in the Palace of Versailles known as the “Hall of Mirrors”, and that effect has been bestowed upon the best emerald-cut diamonds. It catches the light in interesting ways, while still giving off a classic vibe. Show these to people who like a princess cut but want to get away from the crowd.


Princess-cut diamonds have been around since the 14th century and were used in ancient Egypt and Greece because they represented royalty and nobility. However, princess-shaped diamonds have remained popular because of their elegance and beauty. The most timeless diamond cut in existence, when all else fails, go back to basics.

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