Some pieces never lose their sentimental appeal — but even special mementos may lose their aesthetic appeal. Whether they’re dated, not to your taste, or provide reminders of a past from which you want to move on, they often end up at the bottom of a drawer, neglected and gathering dust. However, when you redesign jewelry, you bring new life to old pieces. 

Redesign Jewelry | Custom Jewelry Design | K. Rosengart

5 Stunning Transformations

  1. Integrate gemstones. If you have a simple diamond ring, for example, you can redesign jewelry to create a show-stopping look by adding emerald, ruby, sapphire, tanzanite, or other gorgeous options. Likewise, if you have a ring that features, say, a ruby, you can add diamond melee for an opulent look that showcases the qualities of the center stone.
  2. Revamp the metal. Settings can become tarnished, damaged, or dated. Reveal your jewelry’s true beauty with new metalwork. Platinum, palladium, rose gold, and other choices will infuse your piece with a fresh, contemporary appeal. Ask your custom jewelry design professional if you can reuse the metal, integrate it back into the piece, or sell it as scrap.
  3. Make more! If you have an old diamond and sapphire brooch passed down from your beloved grandmother, for example, use the stones (and perhaps even the metal) to create two or three pendants. This allows you to enjoy styles that suit you, and perhaps, make more pieces that you can pass down.
  4. Change the piece. If you have a wedding ring from a marriage that ended in divorce, for instance, you may not want to wear it - but you may not want to part with it either. Turn it into a statement of the future, instead of the past. You can utilize the stone(s) in a right-handed ring, earrings, a necklace, or have them set into a bracelet.
  5. Entrust the task to a master designer. With custom jewelry design, you can give yourself the gift of a one-of-a-kind piece. Discuss your desires and needs with an experienced professional, and he/she will leverage his/her skill to dazzle you.

Not sure what you want or how to start the custom jewelry design process? Our expert team is happy to help get you started. Isn’t it time to take those pieces out of the bottom of the drawer or box, redesign jewelry, and let them shine?

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