In the jewelry world, competition is fierce. Melee diamonds can help you carve out a significant competitive advantage, maximizing the impact of your pieces – as well as your profit margin. But what are melee diamonds? How can these small stones make your next collection shine?

3 Reasons Melee Diamonds Will Make your Next Collection Shine (1)

Melee Diamonds Definition

The official melee diamonds definition from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) is: small diamonds, either single cut or full cut, weighing less than ⅕ (0.2) carats (ct). They can be as small as 0.001ct, (1/1000th of a carat).

Quality melee stones are cut with the same meticulous care as larger diamonds. In fact, full-cut melee features 57 facets, the same as we see in larger brilliant cuts. Ideal melee maximizes the play of light, ensuring that the pieces in your collection literally shine.

The word melee comes from the French “mêler” – which means “to mix,” as the stones are sold in parcels. Today, these are of similar size and quality. In decades gone by past, consumers might have been taking a chance when it came to the consistency of a melee mix. But today, working with the right partner ensures you get the quality you requested for the best price. We specialize in melee diamonds and pride ourselves on delivering exactly what you need when you need it. We like to think of ourselves as our clients’ “in-house” diamond department supporting all your needs whether it be one stone or hundreds.

3 Reasons Melee Diamonds Make the Difference

Now that we have answered the question, ‘What are melee diamonds?’ Let's tackle another: ‘How can they ensure that your next collection is a standout, a success, and an accurate reflection of your unique brand?


  1. Melee is in Demand

When it comes to high-quality jewelry, particularly engagement rings, there is a distinct trend towards more ornate, unique designs. People want pieces that dazzle – and pieces that inspire everyone who sees them to customize a similar creation of their own. This is a significant factor in the soaring popularity and demand for halo settings. In a halo setting, of course, the larger center stone is encircled by melee. There is also an appetite for pavé, in which small stones are set around the band (which can also be used in a halo setting).

These designs are made possible with the strategic use of melee. By themselves, they may not be showstoppers; when integrated into a fabulous design, they elevate pieces to a truly opulent level.

While you have your own signature style, insight into what customers want when they search for pieces they will treasure forever is crucial in growing a thriving business. There is no doubt that personalized designs are much sought-after. 

  1. Melee Makes an Impact

It is more than fair to say that most buyers do not have a “money is no object” approach. But, at the same time, consumers prefer natural, high-quality diamonds because of the feeling they get when they wear them. So, to add value to a piece without breaking the bank, melee is an excellent asset. Melee diamonds are an ideal way to create pieces of exceptional beauty that aren’t as expensive as they might appear to the untrained eye. 

To enhance the beauty of a larger stone, you don’t need to go over budget. It's important to match the center diamond's color and clarity to the melee you are using as an accent. 

Another benefit of melee is that you can reduce carat weight–and thus cost–in the center stone without sacrificing overall aesthetic or impact. In short, melee compliments the main diamond, making it appear even larger, more dazzling, and more brilliant. 

  1. They Are As Versatile As They Are Beautiful 

Melee diamonds are just as beautiful as their larger counterparts when cut to ideal proportions maximizing the brilliance.

Cutters can now execute a full ideal cut on a melee diamond. In the past, it was only possible to achieve a single cut, which features 8 facets on the crown and 8 on the pavilion. With advanced technology and tools, we can enjoy the full 57 (though many people still like the single-cut look).

Additionally, there are a variety of shapes possible, just as with larger stones:

  • Small Round. This is the most popular cut and is especially well-suited to halo and pavé settings.
  • Princess. Another very beloved shape, the princess has a sharper, square shape that is quite appealing for those with a modern aesthetic. 
  • Tapered Baguette. For a unique look, this trapezoid shape works well in three-stone or side stone settings.
  • Straight Baguette. These rectangular shapes are often used as accents, and their symmetry creates the illusion they are larger than they really are.
  • Trillion Cut. This melee has a triangular shape which is beautiful in side stones.

So, what are melee diamonds, and what do they do? Simply, melee diamonds add value to each piece they are featured in. They are exceptionally versatile, both in terms of cut and shape, and the multitude of elegant ways they can be utilized in your collection. In conclusion: they are one of the most valuable assets when it comes to creating pieces that capture the attention, and heart, of your clientele – while increasing your profit margin.


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