When speaking with clients, I always ask what the most important characteristic of a diamond is for them. The answer is always, "I want the wow factor." When it comes to the four characteristics, the 4 C's, of a diamond, the most important C to deliver that wow factor is cut. Therefore, precision cut diamonds are noticeably nicer in that regard. The easiest way to explain this is as follows.

A sparkling, precision cut diamond being held by a diamond specialist's tweezers

How to Deliver That Diamond Wow Factor

If a diamond is cut well, it will reflect and refract light, giving the diamond the maximum amount of brilliance and sparkle.

  1. The first thing a diamond specialist looks at is the precision of all the angles and the dimensions. There are many numbers referred to -- table size, crown angle, pavilion depth -- but all the numbers must work together to create a spectacular stone.
  2. The second thing a diamond specialist looks at is the symmetry and intersection of the facets. Everything must be aligned perfectly, as this affects how light travels into the diamond and then out to maximize the brilliance. If a stone is cut poorly, it will appear dull or not sparkly. If a diamond is cut well, it will reflect and refract light perfectly, giving it the maximum brightness.
  3. Another factor is the polish of the diamond. This refers to the outside finish of the stone. As the finish influences how well light is able to pass through the diamond, it is also very important in determining a diamond's overall brilliance.

Understanding Cut and Price

Understanding precision cut diamonds can help you understand how to get that wow factor so many clients desire. It can also help you understand different price variations in the market.

When comparing a 1.75mm poorly cut diamond (.025pts) to a 1.75mm (.02pts) precision cut diamond, a poorly cut diamond will weigh more. You may pay less per ct for a poorly made stone, but ultimately that stone per piece will cost you more in the long run.

Know your product, understand what you are paying for it, and weigh out how much more your clients will appreciate getting exceptional quality.

Why We Love Precision Cut Diamond Melee

At K. Rosengart, we have chosen to work with some of the best artisans in the world who specialize in precision cut melee diamonds. They only cut diamonds to the highest standards to maximize each stone's the brilliance. Thus, we offer a product that is a cut above your average melee. We feel that precision cut melee stones complement every design better and that offering them set us apart from other diamond suppliers.

Whether you want to complement an existing jewelry design or create a custom piece that really shines, contact K. Rosengart for your precision cut diamond needs.


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