If you are looking to really create something special, then you have probably looked into creating unique diamond-encrusted wedding bands. Diamonds are love embodied in stone, and utilizing their brilliance on your wedding bands is not only a way to stand out from the crowd, but also a way to eternalize your love in style. Traditionally, if you are going to go with diamonds on an engagement ring, then the shapes should probably match those on your engagement ring–typically the shoulder stones. And with emerald diamonds growing in popularity, many people are looking to create wedding bands that feature emerald cut melee diamonds. So, if that’s the case, you’ll want the best emerald cut melee diamond supplier. That’s where we come in. You’re in the right place, so keep reading.


What to Consider When Buying Emerald Cut Melee Diamonds

For those looking for an elegant alternative to a gold or silver ring, emerald cut diamond rings are often the way to go. As we’ve talked about in our other blog posts on emerald melee diamonds, these stones really show off their clarity. Catching the light in a much different way than round cut melee, they give the ring a simple, yet still fashionable look. Known as the “hall of mirror” effect, the facets create a dazzling phenomenon reminiscent of that famous corridor in the Palace of Versailles. 

Clarity and color should be particularly prioritized when working emerald cut melee into your wedding bands.  Emerald cut diamonds have lengthy, rectangular facets that make inclusions more visible when compared with other shapes. Furthermore, when compared to other cuts, they provide less sparkle – a characteristic that makes color easier to notice


And arguably most importantly, the length and width of your emerald cut melee stones must be taken into account with the dimensions of the ring you are affixing them on. Diamonds that are too large for the ring will cause serious problems that you don’t want to deal with. Make sure you are crafting your rings with an expert who is very familiar with working with melee in custom jewelry. You’ll be able to identify a high-quality jeweler based on the quality of the stones they use; if they aren’t using a good emerald cut melee diamond supplier, they aren’t prioritizing quality for you.



There’s nothing like diamonds on a wedding band. Custom engagement rings are one thing, but both of you should be able to have a custom wedding ring that symbolizes your love with the most precious stones in the world.  Go on and create something spectacular. And if you are a jeweler looking to work with a reputable emerald cut melee diamond supplier, contact us and book your virtual appointment today