Each diamond shape carries particular and unique personality traits to stand out from others. For example, the teardrop or pear-shaped diamond imitates the shape of a teardrop. It offers the same brilliance as a round brilliant but with a unique sentimental shape. Pear shaped diamond melee is used in wedding bands sometimes set north to south direction and a modern-day twist is setting them east to west. They also make wonderful side stones for a 3-stone ring or a drop on a stud earring. This shape offers so many options and certainly brings a level of sophistication to any design.

What to Consider When Buying a Peer Diamond Melee

A pleasing outline is non-negotiable for pear shaped diamonds. Avoid anything with a dramatic bowtie at its core. While these dark reflections are an inherent part of the stone, you can minimize the effects by carefully choosing the proportions. Also, are the points consistent and smooth? Are there chips? But the most challenging part when choosing teardrop diamond melee is matching the outline's curves, widths and lengths, especially in a large volume. Choose a reputable dealer to help avoid this issue. In the majority of the cases, pear-shaped melee starts from 0.05 carats. This is approximately 3x2mm in size. 

Uses of Pear Shaped Diamond Melee in Jewelry

Louis Van Berquem (Lodewyk) is a Polish gemstone polisher credited for the pear shape in diamonds. It is one of the popular diamond shapes. Having the little teardrop diamonds consistently line your wedding bands enhances the shine and uniqueness of the jewelry. They are excellent for engagement ring settings to indicate undying love. Usually, the melee diamonds add an all-around shine to the jewelry without taking any glory from the center stone - they play a supporting role. The pear shaped diamond melee jewelry has an exquisite shine and demonstrates class, style and quality. 

Whether you use diamond melee in a pave or halo setting, the pear shaped diamond melee jewelry has its unique shine and personality. If the peer shape is your style, then we have it. Contact us for more information about your ideal shape for diamond melee.