All marketing strategies for jewelry business are not the same. The best way to approach your entry into a niche jewelry market isn't to look only at what you create. It's to also look at who you're selling to. The great thing about locking down a niche is that you can rely on both new- and old-fashioned marketing techniques.

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Whose Experience Will My Jewelry Improve?

The jewelry market is very full. It's difficult to make inroads without having a niche and knowing how you'll communicate with that specific audience. Whose experience does your jewelry improve?

For instance, if you're producing religious jewelry, does this mean you focus on all shoppers of a particular religion? Probably not. They're not all looking for jewelry. You can make inroads with specific groups that a marketing analysis identifies as especially active and receptive.

Being shared in a social media group with 10,000 members that aren't very active in it won't be as advantageous as being shared in a group of 1,000 members who are very active and communicate a lot. You don't just want your jewelry to be presented to people; you want them to talk about it.

Double Down on Your Expertise

How do you communicate with people about your business? Are you an expert in stones and gem quality? Do you love weddings and everything that goes into them? Do you love the geological history that contributes to stones? Are you an art lover and you see something in your stones that evokes that artistic side of you?

Focus where you're already passionate, where your language differentiates descriptions of your jewelry from others. All retailers know how to describe a stone as beautiful, or unique. Everyone knows how to use flowery language or talk about emotions.

Do your competitors fail to discuss gem quality? Do they choose not to educate their customers? Do they not know how to link jewelry pieces to artistic terms and qualities? If you know how to do something that your competitors don't know how to do, then you will speak to a niche your competitors can never access.

When you share your passion and knowledge with your niche jewelry market, and your competitors don't, you have a major advantage over them.

Learn the Demographics

Your competitors will already be taking advantage of demographic information. This gives them basic data about their customers' ages, gender, and locations. More in-depth tools give them data the goes even deeper than this.

The best marketing strategies for jewelry business include demographic awareness. This is where your competitors already have a major advantage over you. If you don't catch up to it, you can't compete.

Don't be intimidated by this. Today, this information is easy to accumulate and analyze. Work with a marketing agency with experience in it. Not only can they quickly set up these tools, they can also train you to understand and use them efficiently.

Supply the Demand

Analyze what's being sought after in your niche jewelry market. Keyword tools allow you to see how shoppers are looking up specific kinds of jewelry. If you're supplying vintage necklaces and no one's searching for them, but you don't have the handcrafted earrings that are selling, you've just missed a major opportunity to become your niche's savior.

Someone else will swoop into that role and fill it. Understanding what your customers are consistently searching for allows you to provide it.

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