You already know that diamonds are the most beautiful and popular stone for jewelry across the world today. There are many advantages of natural diamonds that other stones simply can’t match. Despite that fact, though, many wonder whether synthetic diamonds might make a better piece of jewelry. What are the real differences when it comes to synthetic diamonds vs. real diamonds, and why do natural diamonds win every time? Take a look. 

Their Origins

One of the best things about diamonds is the story behind them. Before people even existed on earth, diamonds did. Most were initially created more than one billion years ago. They originated more than a hundred miles under the earth’s surface. They were eventually pushed to the surface by volcanoes. It’s this origin story that drives so many to fall in love with this beautiful stone. After all, a diamond may actually be the oldest thing you ever hold. 


The Number of Diamonds is Finite

There are only a certain number of diamonds available. The most diamonds ever recovered happened in 2005, and the number recovered will only decrease from this point forward. Wondering why? 

Diamonds are typically found in kimberlites, which are pipes leftover from volcanoes, and those are incredibly hard to find. Most of the kimberlites used in diamond mining today were discovered several decades ago, which means that at some point, no additional diamonds may be able to be produced. 

Their Value

The finite nature of the diamond supply has helped contribute to a fairly stable value over time. Diamonds tend to hold their value better than any other stone, and even when cut and set in jewelry, diamonds hold their value quite well, making any investment in this stone an incredibly solid choice. Because people know the number of diamonds is limited, the price will almost always remain high

People Continue to Love Diamonds

The demand for these precious stones has actually never been stronger. In fact, the demand for diamonds is getting stronger by the day. These days, many people are looking for authentic and rare jewelry, and diamonds meet that on every level. Today, they remain the symbol of everlasting love that they always have been. 

Some of the most famous couples in the world pledge their love to each other using diamonds, and that isn’t going to change in the near future. Think back to all of the celebrity engagements you know, and you can likely think of a diamond engagement ring that was involved. The old slogan “Diamonds are Forever” was crafted for a reason. People still turn to this stone in their jewelry more than any other choice. 

Diamonds are an Important Economic Contributor

The diamond industry supports more than 10 million people across the world. The discovery of diamonds has changed some countries from poor, agrarian-based economies into rich, powerful nations. Diamond mines fund schools, hospitals, and other developments worldwide making it one of the most important industries today. Ready to find your perfect diamond? Let us help. Contact us today for more information about natural diamonds and where to get them ethically sourced or download our webinar about diamond clarity.

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