If you are currently in the market for various kinds of melee diamonds, you have probably looked into tapered baguette melee. Tapered baguette melee diamonds can be utilized in custom jewelry pieces to enhance each piece's look and all-around brilliance. This article will hopefully give you a little more insight into the most popular sizes and uses for tapered baguette melee diamonds in jewelry.

Popular Shapes and Sizes for Tapered Baguette Diamonds

Like all fancy-shaped diamonds, tapered baguette diamonds come in various sizes. Due to the many variables in measurements, tapered baguette diamonds actually have more sizes than straight baguettes. And because of these variables, matching tapered baguette diamonds can be very challenging. If you are looking for consistently high-quality, matching melee, then contact us before you do anything else. We take pride in painstakingly and artfully sorting and matching our melee stones.

Tapered baguette melee diamonds generally have three measurements: the length, the top, and the bottom. The top is the wider side of the taper while the bottom is the narrower side. Tapered baguette sizes start at 2.5mm x 1.5mm x 1 mm, which is 0.03ct, and go up to about 6mm. Sizes bigger than that are quite challenging to find.

How Tapered Baguette Diamonds are Used

Tapered baguette melee diamonds can be used in different ways. Different from the classic round brilliant diamond, this cut is mainly used as side stones. Taped baguette melee is usually featured in wedding bands or as side stones for three-stone rings. Some really interesting wedding bands are being designed using tapered baguettes, it's amazing to see the patterns formed with a mix of all sizes in one ring.

Get Your Customized Tapered Baguette Melee Diamonds

At K. Rosengart, we uphold the highest standards and continually work to fulfill your precise specifications in size to help you produce jewelry of exceptional beauty and elegance. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about how to get the best melee diamonds at the best prices.