3 Questions to Ask Melee Diamonds Suppliers

Finding melee diamonds for sale is just the first step. The second step is understanding the process that melee diamond supplier goes through before selling you those diamonds. This second step is vital, as it helps ensure the melee stones you receive are not fake. When vetting melee diamonds suppliers, ask the following questions.

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1) Do you work directly with sight holders?

Melee diamonds suppliers who do direct business with sight holders will know exactly where their melee diamonds are mined and manufactured. This direct line of contact adds another level of reassurance that the diamond melee parcel you receive is natural.

2) Are your melee diamonds screened for authenticity?

For example, before K. Rosengart lists any melee diamonds for sale, the stones have gone through the M-screening process to guarantee there are no CVD or HPHT stones mixed in. A diamond melee supplier who screens its diamonds for authenticity is providing an additional measure of quality assurance, giving you peace of mind that any melee parcel you purchase contains real stones.

3) Do you provide diamonds on memo?

Melee diamonds suppliers who allow you to work with their diamonds, and then return the stones not used, offer distinct advantages. Manufacturers and jewelers sometimes need to work with multiple sizes of melee diamonds before a piece of jewelry is finalized and finished. Having various melee stones on hand during the creation of a jewelry piece can save precious time and headache.

However, if a diamond melee supplier does in fact offer diamonds on memo, be sure to follow up with one very important question: how do you confirm that the stones returned to you are 100% real? When melee diamond stones that are out on memo come back to the supplier, they should be carefully tested to make certain nothing has been mixed in. (Note: The retesting of melee diamonds on memo is standard protocol at K. Rosengart.)

If you need more information on how to vet melee diamonds suppliers to ensure you are getting real - and not fake - diamond melee, contact the experts at K. Rosengart today.

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