Diamonds are an investment - whether or not you ever plan on selling them. They’re an investment in relationships, in yourself, in the future, in timeless elegance. As with any important investment, authenticating the characteristics, quality, and value of your stones is essential. With the M-Screen, the world’s fastest melee diamond analyzer, this process just became exponentially more efficient.

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Why Analyze Melee?

Until recently, analyzing melee - diamonds typically ranging from 0.05 to 0.25 carat - was time-consuming and cost-prohibitive. Technology has changed that. The M-Screen quickly executes a number of tasks, from positioning to screening to sorting round diamonds, streamlining the process and returning accurate results.

The need to analyze melee has become more pronounced in recent years. While the technology to create laboratory-grown diamonds has existed for decades, the last few years have seen significant advancements. Synthetic diamonds can be grown in weeks, and their chemical and structural makeup is identical to those of natural diamonds.

The concern is that synthetics will become mixed in with melee parcels, unbeknownst to the purchaser. Analysis also ensures other products are identified: for example, simulants may be slipped into the mix, and this erodes the value of the order and the pieces created from this melee.

Another issue is HPHT stones. These are diamonds that have undergone high pressure/high temperature treatment to artificially improve clarity. Some companies purchase low-price, low-quality diamonds, subject them to the HPHT process, and sell the enhanced-looking diamonds at an inflated price. Again, as with synthetics and simulants, the presence of HPHT diamonds decreases the value of the melee parcel.

The M-Screen diamond melee analyzer sorts diamonds of different shapes and sizes (round diamonds, square cut - you name it) into the following categories:

  • Pass. These diamonds are natural.
  • Refer. These stones will be sent for further analysis to confirm authenticity.
  • Simulant. These products have been determined to be synthetic, treated, or simulants - not natural diamonds.

Trust is the hallmark of any good supplier/purchaser partnership. In the diamond industry, it is critical - as is verifying that the stones you are buying are authentic and will remain a strong investment. Melee is small, but it makes a tremendous impact in jewelry. Analyzing these stones ensures that you receive the value you expect.

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