Marquise diamond melee is small, classy, unique, and sophisticated. Melee diamonds are diamonds you can find on many pieces of jewelry accenting the large centerpiece by creating unique designs. Marquise diamond melee looks great in eternity and wedding bands. In this article, we created a guide for shopping for marquise diamond melee. A marquise diamond has 56 facets, and some say they tend to look “football shaped” because they are oval-like with each tip ending in a sharp point. Since it is such a unique shape, and because of the overall appearance, marquise melee diamonds are a great choice for someone who wants something that stands out from the crowd. 

Visual Appeal of Marquise Diamond Melee

Marquise diamonds are long and narrow, sometimes making them look a little bigger than they actually are, relative to other shapes of the same carat size. The marquise diamond's shape makes it more prominent, making the finger of the wearer appear slimmer and longer. This diamond has a historic-romantic connection; thus, it's ideal for an engagement ring, eternity band, etc.

Ideal Settings for Marquise Diamond Melee Rings

The marquise diamond is elegant in many settings, and each stone shines in its own way. Marquise diamond melee have rounded centers and pointed ends that can be more vulnerable to chipping, so be careful. The ideal form comes down to your preference. But be sure to pick one that protects the center stone. Because of its shape, marquise diamond melee is incredible in solitaire, classic, and halo settings.

When it comes to the length-to-width ratio, marquise melee diamonds should be between 1.75 and 2.15.

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