More than two decades ago, I had the pleasure of working for Tiffany & Co. in the buying offices. My first role was sitting in the gem lab grading diamonds. We called it the cave. The lights were out all day long, and we literally color graded, clarity graded, and measured all the parameters of the diamonds using tools - not computers. It was tedious but fantastic training for me, as today I can eyeball table size and crown angle at a glance.

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Tiffany Diamond Quality: Strict Parameters

I unknowingly began my career of learning how to grade melee diamonds from the best place possible, since the parameters were so strict as to what was acceptable. I was exposed to seeing a very small part of the diamond business, which was the better goods. When I say fine, I am not only referring to excellent cut goods, but also a limited range of colors and clarity options. I also learned how to sort incredibly small goods, which is not an easy task.

I believe this training catapulted me into creating the business I have today. It helped me become an expert in better goods. Working with goods from around the world from different manufactures was an incredible experience.

Tiffany had very specific parameters that they offered their clients, and it went beyond the average goods on the market. I think the standards they set up helped me when setting up my own business. I learned how they separated themselves from everyone else, and I wanted a point of difference when opening my own business.

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Tiffany Diamond Rings & Engagement: Buying Trends by Location

Once I moved on from the cave, I went into the buying position for the Tiffany diamond rings and engagement products category. One of my many responsibilities was to analyze what was selling and where. Each branch across the United States had different needs, as the clients from New York were different than the clients in Atlanta.

The standards for Tiffany diamond quality were the same across the country, but some stores were clearly selling more of one style diamond ring than another. Even sizes, color, and clarity were specific to location. This helped me enormously in my business today.

At K. Rosengart, we offer a wide range of color, clarity, sizes, and shapes, but well-made, precision-cut diamonds are something our clients know they will always get. How we deliver these diamonds is based solely on each individual client's needs. It has been crucial for us to analyze what our clients want and to service them accordingly.

When you order diamonds from K. Rosengart, no matter what you order, you can trust that you are getting a well-made stone delivered on time and in a way that works for best for you!

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