The ideal cut diamond achieves a brilliant sparkle that few other diamonds can contest. It relies on perfect ratios to create the most essential diamond available. The symmetry must be exact so that all the light that comes into the diamond is reflected back out. This creates an unparalleled diamond sparkle.

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What Is Cut Quality?

Cut quality isn't the same as shape. An ideal cut diamond can be round, brilliant, or princess cut. The cut quality refers to the precision and proportions of the cut for each shape.

Proportions for this cut are determined by the American Gem Society Laboratory. Even a small miscalculation or imperfection would knock a diamond down from meeting these exceptionally strict requirements.

When you bake, an extra teaspoon of the wrong ingredient can throw something as large as a cake off. When you make a cabinet, measuring wrong by a few centimeters can make a door fit wrong, or a shelf lopsided. These are everyday jobs, not something as enduring and everlasting as a diamond. Yet even a small miscalculation makes them useless.

The Perfect Diamond Sparkle

That's why these proportions must be so exact. What achieves this perfect ideal cut diamond sparkle? The smaller the diamond, the more important the cut becomes in order for that stone to shine. A small inclusion on a diamond – even one as tiny as 0.005 carat – can make an entire stone a dud.

Exact proportions mean that light is refracted back out of the diamond at precise angles. That precision makes the difference between a nice-looking stone, and an ideal cut diamond that glints fiery light from across the room. Put an ideal cut and another good stone next to each other, and the good stone looks like costume jewelry in the case. The ideal cut diamond looks like it was lit by a director to be filmed on camera.

When you offer an ideal cut diamond with perfect symmetry, proportions, and polish, that diamond sparkle can be more noticeable from across the room that someone right in front of you. That's how you catch eyes. And it's what makes those eyes linger.

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