The greatest thing about diamonds is that they are made of such a hard substance that they are not easily scratched, damaged, or deformed.  In fact, the only thing that can cut a diamond is another diamond.  That doesn’t mean, however, that you can expect your diamonds to maintain their original luster without proper care.  


The oil from fingers and hands, coupled with the dirt and grime from everyday chores, can add up in a layer that coats the diamond and prevents light from entering the stone.  Therefore, the light cannot bounce against the various facets, and the brilliance is no longer as evident.  

As such, you will be required to treat your diamond to some regular care in order to ensure that it shines as brightly as the day that you first got it. 

Below are some tips to help keep your diamond clean:

The First Step is Prevention

Obviously, removing the dirt and grime will not be as big of an issue if you can reduce the amount that is allowed to build upon the surface of the stone. This begins with a bit of preventative medicine.

Firstly, don’t handle the diamond more than necessary. When picking up a diamond ring, for instance, avoid lifting it by the stone. Instead, hold it by the setting. The fewer times the rock is touched, the less oil it will have building up.

Secondly, remove your ring when doing jobs that are particularly dirty or leave the stone at risk of damage. Doing the dishes, taking out the trash, dusting the high shelves, gardening, and cleaning the pool, for instance, are jobs best suited for ringless fingers. Place the diamond in a safe place, get the work done, and then put the ring back on. It will be cleaner and shinier as a result of your forethought.

The Second Step is Regular Cleaning

Even with all the preventative actions, the ring is bound to get a little dusty or dirty.  Cleaning it regularly will enhance the shine, but also protect the stone.  The debris can work its way between the setting and the stone and, over time, that can result in a less secure fit.  Keeping your stone clean can help reduce the number of times you have to have it serviced by professionals.

To clean a diamond, use a soft-bristled toothbrush and a gentle cleaning solution to make your ring sparkle.  There are degreasers made specifically for this purpose readily available today.  Otherwise, a water and window cleaning solution can do the trick.  

Handle the jewelry with care.  The settings can be fragile, so when washing and drying, avoid snagging the prongs by being overly aggressive when scrubbing and toweling off.  

NOTE: Do not use a bleach-based cleaner and avoid soaps with abrasives.

Store with Care

Make your ring sparkle and remove it when doing tasks that may cause damage to help to preserve the beauty of the diamond. However, it is also important to consider where the diamond is stored when not being worn. Many people make the mistake of keeping all their jewelry together in small drawers.

While it may seem that this is keeping the diamonds safe, when diamonds and other precious stones are allowed to rub up against each other, each time the drawer is opened and closed, the result can be microscopic scratches or loosening of the settings.

It is best to keep your diamond jewelry in soft, fabric bags before stashing it in a drawer or safe. The original jewelry box can work as well.

Follow these tips to keep your diamond clean, and it is sure to maintain its brilliance for generations to come!

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