There are many stories I look forward to sharing about my journey of being in the diamond melee business. Some are good, and some are not so good... but they have all taught me great life lessons. I love what I do and hope to share not only the technical aspect of it, but also some of the fun, challenging, and amazing things that I have experienced and continue to experience.

That said, some of you may know me and know how I got started in the diamond melee business, but I thought it would be good to share my journey of how it all started. I hope you will get to know me better, both professionally and personally, while learning about how K. Rosengart does melee and so much more.

Diamond Expert | Diamond Melee | K. Rosengart

First-Generation Diamond Dealer & Proud of It

A little over two decades ago, I had a son and, shortly later, a daughter. (My son Max is now 25 years old, and my daughter Arielle is 23.) With a toddler and a newborn at home, I decided my corporate job at Tiffany and Co. was too demanding. Working for myself seemed to offer more freedom. Ignorance is bliss, and it took away any fear I might have had if I had thought about it more.

I was blessed to have contacts overseas for vendors as well as a built-in client base (two clients) to start with, and so it began.

I knew that diamond melee was something that was used on a regular basis and that, unlike larger stones, it was a repeatable item. I really liked the idea that it was repeatable, and that I could really focus on doing something really well. So the journey began with calling upon people in the industry that I thought would be a good fit for the product I was selling. My only knowledge of melee was for better goods, so it helped sharpen my focus as to what I was selling and who to target as clients.

I did not own a set of sieve plates. I only had a mm gauge, loupe, tweezers, and my ability to listen to what each client needed, and that became my specialty. Listening to each client's needs and striving to meet those needs was exactly what I did, and still do today.

Some Things Don't Change

Looking back on it 23 years later, it only seems natural that K. Rosengart is known for its service. The assortment of diamond melee we sell has expanded simply based on client demand, but the way in which we service our clients remains the same. We still listen to what each client needs and meet or exceed those needs at every opportunity.

What I now do daily has become so natural to me that I forget just how much goes into sorting and sieving goods so you get exactly what you need when you need it. As I mentioned, when I first started in the diamond melee business, I did not have a set of sieve plates. I was literally measuring every single stone with a mm gauge. About six months into being officially in business, my supplier overseas realized I was so specific with my requests that I must somehow not be able to measure the diamonds myself in a fast and efficient way. He showed me how to use the sieve plates and *boom* overnight things went quicker for me.

It's funny how things come full circle. At the time (24 years ago), I thought sieve plates were an amazing tool, and I could finally leave my mm gauge behind. Boy, was I wrong! Yes, sieve plates are a great tool, but the plates only prep the goods and give me a range of a few tenths of a mm.

Changes in Tolerance

As business evolved and CAD became an extremely Important tool for making jewelry, so did the sizing of my melee diamond stones. Early on, when someone ordered a 2.4 mm it meant 2.35-2.45 mm. Size was important, but there was a big tolerance in size and in what was considered the norm. Today, jewelers have a very small tolerance for diamond sizes; therefore, my mm gauge and sieve plates are tools I could not live without.

When speaking with clients both existing and new, I always ask what their tolerance is. (It’s one of the top services that we provide for our clients, and their biggest complaints about their previous suppliers.) If you have thoughts on what you need and are not currently getting (from K. Rosengart or another supplier), send us your suggestions! We like to think of ourselves as being your in-house diamond department, and we will gladly cater to any of your individual needs.

Small Goods Require Patience - And Lots of It!

Working with small goods takes a lot of patience, as these tiny diamonds are not easy to sort. (Remember melee diamonds are diamonds that are smaller than 0.18 pt.) On paper. regardless of stone size. the same rules apply for sorting color, clarity and cut. Think about how small 0.005 pts is and how difficult it is to being able to see the differences. Technically anyone can be trained to look through a loupe, but it takes a tremendous amount of experience to sort it correctly

Especially in smaller sizes, it is no easy task to loupe large quantities of diamond melee and have it done correctly. A small inclusion can easily be missed and put into the wrong category. Through the years, I have seen technology change and the actual cut of the diamond improve. Seeing the cut evolve over the years of business and looking through the microscope has helped me hone my skills.

About Being a Specialist

Being a diamond melee specialist is something I’m so proud of for so many reasons. I would never consider myself a specialist, but I took a look at what being a specialist actually means, and I’m it!  

“A person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.”

I think I’m more than just the definition of an expert in diamond melee. My education was just the beginning of learning about diamond melee. My hands-on experience in the trade is what really sets me apart from others in the same arena. Technically, I understand the 4 C’s and how to grade melee, which is no easy task.

However, I think one of the most important factors that has helped me become a diamond expert is my passion about what I do. I enjoy my time at the microscope and seeing the subtle differences in diamonds. Having the opportunity of working in better goods (better, meaning cut) has really taught me how to select out the best quality for my clients. I am always looking at what’s being offered in the market, prices and value. Because of my sharp eye and ability to see the slightest differences, I decided to focus only on precision cut and ideal cut melee. I’m extremely passionate about providing my clients with extremely high-quality diamonds and matching that with unparalleled service. 

After so many years, I’m still learning, and I look forward to sharing more about how we strive to keep ourselves brilliant. Now that you know how I got my start and how we sort diamond melee in our office, I hope it's clear to see that K. Rosengart is in fact "melee and so much more." Contact us today!

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