How do you choose between high setting vs. low setting engagement rings? Each communicates something a little different. For something as important as your engagement ring, understanding that difference is crucial. High profile engagement rings mean the gemstone at the center sits higher. Low profile engagement rings sit the gemstone closer to the finger on which it's worn.

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Low Profile Engagement Rings

The choice should be obvious, right? You want to show off that gemstone! What if you have an active career or hobby, though? This can make the gemstone more likely to be scratched or chipped. Even the hardest gemstone will get scratched and worn over time.

Low profile engagement rings protect the gemstone more. This is their primary advantage, but they aren't aesthetically diminished. The lower setting can show off the design of the ring itself more, such as in a band with a twisting vine or split look.

The setting itself can also become a feature here. Trellis and halo settings are gorgeous low profile designs. A halo setting adds gemstones around the center one that make the whole ring appear larger.

Low profile rings can also show off a pave setting. Smaller gemstones adorning the band itself become part of a whole look, rather than being backgrounded as can sometimes happen with high setting rings.

High Setting Engagement Rings

These are the best rings for showing off a center stone. You can still use a creative band, setting, or pave diamonds, but that center stone will stand apart as a feature. 

Bands often tend to be simpler, but they don't have to be. The solitaire diamond engagement ring with a plain band is still a classic look. You can't go wrong with it, and you can still choose different golds for the band itself.

The approach for extra gemstones is more about creating accents for the center gemstone rather than extending the single, central look (as in a low setting engagement ring). This can help make the ring more noticeable from afar.

High Setting vs. Low Setting Engagement Rings

In essence, low setting engagement rings are more practical, while high setting rings are a bit flashier. Center gemstones in low settings can use their designs, settings, and pave in a way that extends a look and makes the ring itself incredible from up close.

High settings are still impressive up close, but in a different way. They will focus the attention more on the center gemstone and less on the overall design as a whole. A design can still be very impressive, but it will often be the second element someone notices, rather than one noticed at the same time as the gemstone.

These are two good choices. There's a range of looks within each. They communicate something a little different. Low settings may feel more intimate and personal, and high settings may feel a little bit showier. At the same time, the ring's design can change what's communicated first in either style.

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