Repurposing Your Jewelry - A Guide | K. RosengartRepurpose Your Jewelry & Honor Yesterday Today

Most of us have them, buried deep in a jewelry box or in the back of a drawer: Old, unused pieces of jewelry. Maybe they have sentimental value or are family heirlooms. Maybe they commemorate special events or are symbols of past relationships. You never wear them, but you can't part with them. 

Why not breathe new life into those jewelry pieces? Transform the old into new, compelling pieces that you'll be thrilled to wear or to gift to loved ones. And it's easier than you may think.

Repurposing Your Jewelry | K. RosengartWhat's Inside the Guide

This comprehensive guide is designed for those looking for ideas on what to do with their old jewelry. Inside you'll find information on the following:

  • Endless Combinations
  • Metal Matters
  • Engagement & Wedding Bands
  • Custom Jewelry Process
  • And More!

Simply fill out the form to get your free copy and explore the many options for redesigning a treasured jewelry piece.