Buying a substantial diamond is intimidating, even for professionals in the jewelry world. There are so many details to review from evaluating and weighing the 4Cs. In addition, you want to be sure you source diamonds ethically and responsibly.  

At the same time, the purchase of a larger brilliant diamond, or fancy shape diamond, while significant, is an investment in your business and its ability to deliver the highest quality pieces to your clientele. What do you need to know as you go through this process?

Brilliant Diamond FAQs

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (or so sang Marilyn Monroe!). When it comes to purchasing a large diamond, information and education are your best friends. This ensures you receive the quality and value you expect - and that your customers demand.

Q: What is a brilliant cut Diamond?

A: Let’s start at the beginning. “Brilliant” refers to one of the 4Cs, cut. A brilliant cut diamond is one that is cut to maximize:

  • Brilliance. In diamond terminology, brilliance refers to the white light that is reflected off the stone’s facets (i.e. the flat surfaces on the diamond).
  • Fire. Fire is the term used when white light is reflected from the facets and then disperses. It creates a “rainbow” effect that is truly stunning. 
  • Scintillation. This is the playful (and stunning) interplay of light that we see when we look at a diamond in motion. 

A brilliant cut diamond also features 57 facets; 33 facets are present on the crown (i.e. the portion of the diamond above the girdle, which is the widest part of the diamond) and 25 on the pavilion (i.e. the portion below the girdle). A brilliant cut may also have a culet, or a tiny flat surface at the base of the pavilion, which makes 58 total facets.

As you can see, even with one simple question there are many diamond-industry terms to know! The bottom line, though, is that brilliant cut diamonds are among the most sought-after among consumers, who value the shine, the sparkle, and the… well, the brilliance of this cut.

Diamonds do not emerge from the Earth looking like a million bucks! They appear rather cloudy and dull, but their beauty is just waiting to show itself, and it does in the hands of a skilled cutter. In other words, a brilliant cut diamond is not “born,” it is made.

Now, a more targeted question may be “How do I know my brilliant diamond is real or of the quality I expect - and for which I am paying?”

It is essential that you receive (and scour) the grading report/certificate issued by a reputable organization, such as the Gemological Institute of America, or GIA. This will give you key information on the diamond’s color, weight, measurements, cut, and more. It will also indicate whether the diamond has undergone any treatments, such as laser drilling or fracture filling.

Q: Am I Paying a Fair Price?

A: Cost may not be one of the 4Cs, but it is certainly on the minds of jewelry retailers. A high quality brilliant diamond is undoubtedly an investment, and you need to be sure that you are paying a reasonable price. 

Diamond pricing is a complicated issue, and many factors influence cost. Learn more from our post, “How Much Do Natural Diamonds Cost?” 

Q: How Do I Know I’m Purchasing a Diamond That is Sustainably Sourced?

A: While there is no industry-wide, hard-and-fast definition for “sustainably sourced,” typically it indicates that a diamond was mined and processed in ways that are responsible and ethical socially and environmentally. 

Safeguards like the Kimberley Process have all but eliminated the trade of conflict diamonds, and large corporations like DeBeers are making great strides to operate ethically and transparently. These are important, but it is also essential that you purchase diamonds from a reputable supplier. They take additional steps to ensure the stones you buy will be ones your customers are proud to wear.

Q: Does K. Rosengart Offer Brilliant Diamonds?

A: Yes. While K. Rosengart provides high-quality diamond melee, we also specialize in larger stones, including beautiful brilliant cuts. In fact, our in-house cutters are leaders in the field. They work with exceptional precision because a diamond is only as brilliant as the cutter! 

Q: What if I Have Additional Questions?

A: Perfect! You should have questions, and you should feel free to ask diamond suppliers. Reputable, experienced partners are fully prepared, and happy, to give you the information you need to make informed decisions. 

Be sure you are getting the best quality and value possible. K. Rosengart is proud to serve as your diamond department. Our team includes top experts in the diamond world, and we deliver not only the stones you need but the services you require to create eye-catching, heart-warming, sought-after pieces for your customers.

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