Emerald-cut diamonds have grown in popularity in recent years. Although an emerald-cut diamond does not have as much sparkle as it does shine due to the large facets, it is one of the most elegant cuts.  It offers a timeless and old-world appearance. We at K. Rosengart have the best emerald-cut diamonds to meet your needs. Let's look at how Emerald cut melee diamonds are used in jewelry.

What is an Emerald Cut Diamond?

An emerald cut melee diamond  is typically rectangular, with chiseled step cuts and straight, linear facets. They also have "blocked corners," giving the shape a clean, traditional appearance.

Emerald cuts do not bend or reflect light as much as round cuts because they are cut in steps and have parallel facets. As a result, the emerald cut loses some brilliance and sparkle, making it ineffective at hiding flaws in the stone.

When the table facet of a diamond is large, it's like having a large open window that allows you to see deep into the diamond's body. Compared to round diamonds, pear-shaped diamonds make flaws, inclusions, and color changes more visible.

How Are Emerald Cut Diamonds Used?

The shape of an emerald-cut stone is classic. The shape of the diamond's strong facets and deep corners produce flashes of light that help the stone shine.

Emerald cuts are also used because they make the stone appear larger than other shapes. This, combined with the pleasing symmetry, creates a classic look many people like.

Emerald cuts have a long history and are one of the oldest diamond shapes. The emerald cut is admired for its straight, clean lines that create a mirrored effect. The emerald cut shape is both fashionable and timeless.

Where Can I Buy Emerald Cut Melee Diamonds?

Emerald-shaped Melee diamonds make an otherwise ordinary ring shine and stand out. In addition, they shed new light on a small diamond. Whether you need an Emerald cut Melee diamond jewelry for your wedding or engagement, we at K. Rosengart are the best in the market. Contact us today to make your order.