The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular on the market, accounting for some 70 percent of sales. Especially sought after for engagement rings (and found in myriad other pieces, from pendants to earrings), consumers prize these stones for their dazzling beauty. They are specifically, and masterfully, cut to maximize brilliance, fire, and scintillation: in other words, they bring the “wow!” factor. But do modified brilliant cut diamonds hold the same appeal? 

The Benefits of Modified Brilliant Cut Diamonds

A modified brilliant cut is a brilliant cut diamond that has been altered from the traditional round shape. Round diamonds can be reshaped in several different ways. The most common are oval, marquise, and pear shapes. 

All of this leads to the obvious question: what should you know about when you purchase modified brilliant cut diamonds?

Purchasing Modified Brilliant Cut Diamonds

When navigating the diamond buying process:

Look at Your Grading Report

Always, always, always! When you purchase a diamond, it comes with a grading report from a reputable lab, like GIA. It should clearly indicate that you are purchasing a modified brilliant. Of course, it will also provide invaluable information including a full description of the stone, color, weight, measurements, and cutting style. This is an important piece of documentation; it is intended to give you, the buyer, the details you need to achieve the best return on your investment.

Know What a Square Modified Brilliant Diamond Is

As you are searching for stones, you may see a princess cut classified as a “square modified brilliant diamond.” This is true-ish! Princess cuts are square and feature the sparkle and shine of a brilliant; it is important to know that a single diamond can have multiple names. A square modified brilliant may also come in other fancy shapes, such as radiant or cushion. Just more information to keep in mind as you go through the purchase process.

Use Caution - As Always!

Unconventional shapes, such as pear or marquise, may have sharp “terminations” (or the points on either end). This may make it more vulnerable to breakage or damage. In this case, the setting you choose will be of paramount importance in terms of protecting the diamond - and your investment. 

Work with a Reputable Diamond Supplier

It is essential that you trust in the quality and value of any diamond you purchase. Trust and verify! A reputable diamond supplier operates with maximum transparency, providing you with all of the information, and guidance, you need to ensure that you are, in fact, getting what you pay for. 

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