Diamond Testing for CVD and HPHT

K. Rosengart's diamond analysis service includes the use of sophisticated technology to screen colorless and near colorless diamonds for CVD and HPHT. Our cutting-edge diamond testing equipment analyzes unmounted diamonds -- including loose diamonds, single stones, and large parcels -- as well as mounted diamonds in jewelry.

Unmounted Diamond Testing Fees
Diameter Range Price*
0.70 mm to 4.0 mm $25 max 50 cts per submission
+ 4.0 mm and up $1 per stone
Mounted Diamond Testing Fees
Type of Jewelry Price*
Ring, bracelet, or necklace $10 per piece
Earrings $10 per pair

*All prices subject to size restrictions and subject to change without prior notice.

Shipping & Handling

Return shipping fees will apply if a client does not make specific arrangements with K. Rosengart beforehand. If shipping is arranged by K. Rosengart, the client will be charged accordingly.

Fill out the form to request K. Rosengart's diamond analysis service. After submission, we'll be in touch with you shortly to ensure your diamonds are tested and handled according to your specifications.