Melee Diamond Price List

The melee diamond specialists at K. Rosengart deliver a level of detail that is truly a cut above the rest. For example:

Do you question the quality of your diamond melee?

K. Rosengart addresses this by:

  • Working directly with sight holders
  • Being GIA-certified diamond experts
  • Adhering strictly to the Kimberley Process
  • Maintaining an AGS active supplier firm membership
Do you struggle with customer service from your melee diamond supplier?

K. Rosengart addresses this by:

  • Delivering consistent quality and pricing
  • Paying meticulous attention to your needs
  • Offering a concierge-like repertoire of services
  • Providing FREE 2nd day shipping on all orders over $400
Are you concerned with synthetics being mixed into your diamond melee parcels?

K. Rosengart addresses this by:

  • Testing authenticity using cutting-edge CVD and HPHT detecting equipment
  • Utilizing M-Screen, the world’s fastest automated melee analyzing device
  • Inspecting melee stones fastidiously via an in-house microscope
  • Honoring a 100% natural diamond melee guarantee

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