One of the most frequently asked questions is: from where do jewelers get their diamonds? There are many diamond dealers out there today selling stones to jewelers. However, a reputable diamond dealer is transparent about the origins of their stones.

Loose melee diamonds for sale by one of the most reputable diamond dealers

For example, K. Rosengart is a diamond dealer that gets its diamonds from a DeBeers' site holder.

What Is a DeBeer's Site Holder?

DeBeers mines rough diamonds and sells that rough to a site holder. The site holder polishes the rough diamonds, as diamonds don’t come out of the ground faceted and brilliant like consumers are used to seeing. After the rough diamonds are mined and polished (faceted), the stones are screened through the AMS 2, passing each diamond individually as natural. The diamonds are then sorted by size, color, and clarity and shipped directly to K. Rosengart.

Why Is This Advantageous?

Diamond dealers that do direct business with DeBeers' sight holders know exactly where their diamonds are mined and manufactured. This direct line of contact adds a level of reassurance that the stones you receive are conflict free and ethically sourced, as all associated global entities are audited on a yearly basis by external organizations, such as the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), to ensure that site holders are in fact leading examples when it comes to ethical standards, sustainability, and human rights.

In addition, K. Rosengart adheres to and supports the Kimberley Process -- a global initiative of 81 countries that works collaboratively to maintain integrity in the diamond supply chain. Initiatives such as the Kimberley Process have virtually eliminated the exportation and trade of diamonds used to fund conflicts.

Why It's So Important to Understand Where Your Diamonds Come From

A client (a designer) recently asked K. Rosengart to check out the loose melee diamonds she had bought online via a website billed as being a place to "shop for handmade, vintage, custom, and unique gifts." As the client handed us the parcel of 0.18 pt loose melee, we immediately knew there was a problem.
Melee Diamond Dealer

At K. Rosengart, we look at every diamond under 60x magnification using our sortoscope system. We did not need 60x magnification to realize that these loose melee diamonds were an awful quality and did not even have 57 facets. Unfortunately, the diamonds were not represented properly by the seller, and the client was disappointed with her purchase.

We then showed the client our loose melee diamonds at a price point with which she was comfortable. She was not only pleased by the overall appearance of the stones, but also thrilled that she could buy them from a reputable diamond dealer at an affordable price.

The moral of the story: not all diamond dealers are created equal. Finding loose melee diamonds for sale is just the first step. The second step is to ask these vital questions of any melee diamonds supplier before you make your purchase. Or, when in doubt, contact K. Rosengart

Because K. Rosengart specializes in selling loose melee diamonds -- and melee is so versatile, a wide range of clientele, from jewelry manufacturers and big-box stores to designers and independent jewelers, purchases diamonds from K. Rosengart. Give us a call today at 212-355-5025 to experience the K. Rosengart difference.


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