You are probably familiar with cushion-cut diamonds; they are a classic and popular center stone for an engagement ring. But if you, like most people, aren’t as well-versed in the world of melee diamonds, then allow us to help. Cushion shaped melee diamonds–while less popular than round, oval, or some of the other fancy-shaped melee–have a great amount of potential.


The cushion cut diamond was first made popular in the 1700s, referred to first as the “mine cut”, then the “old-mine” cut, and contains 58 facets. This particular cut of diamond grew in popularity due to its brilliance. It catches the light in very interesting ways and was especially good at catching candlelight, which was a big bonus before electricity.

Cushion shaped melee diamonds have the same appeal as their larger counterparts, combining a square shape with round corners, and, in most cases, are used in accenting a larger center stone. Cushion shaped melee diamonds have a variety of uses, and since they are still relatively underutilized, are a great choice for someone wishing to create something unique.

Cushion Shape Diamond Settings

Jewelry that features cushion shape melee diamonds combines the new and the old worlds with traditional and modern appeal. The three most popular cushion shape diamond settings are halo, four-prong,  and bezel.



Cushion shape diamond melee surrounding a larger cushion shape center stone is a terrific way to really let your ring shine. The light in all of those stones is sure to make a statement, and it can create a grander effect than that of a larger, differently shaped, stone and design.

Four Prong Setting

A four-prong setting is one of the most practical settings for a cushion shape center diamond. This setting ensures the stone remains intact for the longest time possible, regardless of whether it has 4-carats or 1-carat. 

Bezel Setting

This setting is popular among people looking for a more unique, trendy design. While designed to feature more fragile stones, certain stylists like a bezel set cushion shaped diamond. The largest con of a bezel setting, however, is that it neglects to feature a cushion shaped diamond’s brilliance. 

With either setting, adding cushion shape diamond melee to the band is a great way to accent the center stone.


Get Your Cushion Shape Diamond Melee From the Best

Cushion shaped melee diamonds have a character-rich, classical appeal, which makes them a favorite accent to custom jewelry and engagement rings. If you are looking for melee diamonds, you want an experienced diamond supplier you can trust. At K.Rosengart, we sell outstanding, ideal-cut melee diamonds without obligatory minimum order requirements. Reach out to us today for any custom jewelry inquiries. We are happy to help.