Being a product of the Art Deco movement, nothing speaks to both modernist and vintage fashion like a baguette diamond. Selecting the right fancy cut melee diamonds entails comparing a wide range of size options – and for baguette diamond melee, there is a particularly high range of sizes to choose from. At K. Rosengart, we source 75 different sizes and two different qualities of baguettes (even more if you include tapered baguettes).

With such a wide selection at hand, we've drastically cut down on the likelihood of a custom design being created on paper without the actual diamonds needed being available. Still, we recommend working with your jeweler during the design process to ensure your vision becomes reality without altering your original design.

Baguette Diamond Melee | A Coveted Choice

We first direct our clients to the initial consideration of table size. This is what primarily ensures that light will be projected and visible from afar. In determining the right table size, you must consider the following things:

  • A table that's too large can easily appear flat
  • A table too small will not efficiently project its luster, even when properly lit

There are some common baguette diamond melee sizes. Demand has been high for 0.12 pts average (4x2mm) sizes. For designs requiring smaller diamonds, baguette melee can be sourced as small as 0.02 pts (or 2x1mm). Whatever the case may be, K. Rosengart can provide you with a huge variety of sizes to fit all your design ideas.

An Eye for Detail

In terms of quality, we recommend selecting VS clarity baguette diamond melee. Be sure to look carefully for any chips, especially at the corners, and ensure that their cut is uniform.  Any difference in angle depth will be easily noticeable. Balancing the overall size of the baguette diamond melee with the depth and consistency of its angles will ensure that your baguette diamond melee jewelry leaves the beholder taking in the overall impression of the piece, rather than the individual accents.

Selecting the Perfect Baguette Diamond Melee

We recommend working closely with your most trusted jeweler to ensure that your custom baguette diamond melee jewelry matches your design in full detail. At every stage, we can walk you through the most appropriate baguette diamond melee sizes according to your desires – and we welcome any and all inquiries to assist you in your custom jewelry needs.