If you really want to know the best way to buy princess cut melee diamonds, then this is the article for you. In the 1960s, the princess cut evolved from something called the “profile cut”. The princess cut quickly became much more popular due to its brilliance, and today princess cut melee stones are selected for their dazzling patterns and their ability to accentuate a centerstone. At K. Rosengart, we pride ourselves on masterfully matching all shapes and sizes of melee. Matching princess-cut melee diamonds is necessary to ensure that they fit snugly into their settings and create the intended effect. So, what are the most common sizes of princess cut diamond melee?

Form Fundamentals

Princess cut melee diamonds should be square, not rectangular. Because of the parameters of the princess cut, it’s usually not too difficult to get princess cut melee that’s cut all to the same depth. You do need to make sure that girdles are consistent to make it easy to set, especially if you are channel setting. (Your setter will thank you!) Because of the brilliance of princess cut diamonds, you can even go as low as I1 clarity. Princess cuts diamond melee are available in a wide range of sizes starting at 1.5mm, which is 0.02 carats. We sometimes get asked for 1mm princess cut melee but this size basically doesn’t exist.

Specialized Uses for Princess Cut Melee Diamonds

Princess cut melees are frequently used in custom engagement rings because they are both stylish and shapely and give off a ton of brilliance. They are also used in diamond eternity bands. 

A Beauty That Is Uniquely Yours

For any questions or insights on princess cut melee diamonds, don't hesitate to contact us. It is our pleasure to serve you and help you discover the melee that speaks most vividly to your aesthetic.