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May 02, 2019

5 Fresh Ideas for Marketing Your Jewelry Online

Marketing jewelry online might seem a bit more difficult these days. There's increased traffic, but there's also..

April 26, 2019

3 Reasons Technology Can't Replicate Real

What's real matters. Diamonds are rare, and lab created diamonds seek to challenge it. Yet are they really diamonds?..

April 19, 2019

Real Is Rare. Synthetic Is Manufactured.

Lab diamonds have become the subject of a heated debate. Are they as valuable as real, natural diamonds. Lab..

April 17, 2019

Female Self-Purchasers and the Future

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the America Gem Society (AGS) Conclave event in the great Emerald City,..

April 12, 2019

How to Ensure Your Diamond Accents Are Real

Diamond accents can make or break a piece of jewelry. They can be the difference between an awe-inspiring ring that..

April 03, 2019

Recycled Diamonds: My Philosophy

There are always amazing things to talk about when it comes to diamonds – especially when it comes to diamonds and..

March 25, 2019

How to Find Your Niche in the Jewelry Market

All marketing strategies for jewelry business are not the same. The best way to approach your entry into a niche..

March 18, 2019

Why Choose Ideal Cut Diamond Melee

The ideal cut diamond achieves a brilliant sparkle that few other diamonds can contest. It relies on perfect ratios..

March 14, 2019

When Unique Stones Become Uniquely Personal

There are so many things I love about what I do, but one thing for sure that stands out is making custom pieces of..

March 11, 2019

Do Lab Diamonds Pass a Diamond Test?

Do carbon lab diamonds pass a diamond test to qualify as real? The answer is both yes and no. There are different..