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May 18, 2022

What Qualifies As a Large Diamond?

Diamonds are not only the most popular gemstones sold, they are a symbol of eternal love. As a jewelry retailer, you..

May 13, 2022

Why Melee Diamonds Make or Break Custom Jewelry

When you're designing or manufacturing a custom piece of jewelry a great way to achieve a larger-than-life look is..

April 29, 2022

What is the Difference Between Large Diamonds and Melee Diamonds?

Big diamonds vs melee diamonds. It is not a case of “versus” so much as which stone or stones are right for the job at..

April 25, 2022

Round Brilliant Cut Diamonds vs. Fancy Shapes

As a jewelry retailer, you spend a lot of time working with clients who have varying levels of familiarity and..

April 12, 2022

Explaining the Difference Between the Different Cuts of Diamonds

Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat. The sacred 4Cs of diamonds. When it comes to explaining the difference between the..

March 25, 2022

Are Big Diamonds Rare?

Are big diamonds rare? When you look at celebrities, it seems like massive diamonds are in short supply! But out of..

March 21, 2022

How Valuable Are Big Diamonds?

Imagine cradling an object in your hands, an object worth over $70 million. You are holding a piece of the Earth’s..

March 18, 2022

Light My Fire: Understanding A Diamond In Light

What makes a diamond a diamond is light. Light is everything. It’s the source of a diamond’s beauty. Without light,..

March 14, 2022

What Are the Different Types of Modified Brilliant Cut Diamonds?

The round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular on the market, accounting for some 70 percent of sales. Especially..

March 08, 2022

What Is a Brilliant Cut Diamond?

Diamonds are one of the world’s most prized treasures - but they don’t come out of the Earth looking like a million..