When customers encounter issues with their jewelry, they need to be able to place the same degree of trust in the professional doing the work as they did in the professional from whom they bought the piece. It is that crucial. 

Whether it is resizing, soldering, prong-replacement or re-tipping, clasp repair, stone replacement, or a good, thorough cleaning, the bottom line is that they are entrusting an important item to you. Diamond jewelry repair is a highly specialized field from a technical standpoint but it also involves high-value pieces and/or those with great sentimental value. 

Why should you outsource this aspect of your business to certified diamond repair specialists? 

diamond jewelry repair outsourcing

5 Benefits of Outsourcing Diamond Jewelry Repair 

As professionals in the diamond world, it is important that we always keep an eye on maximizing efficiency. Is outsourcing diamond jewelry repair the way to do this? Short answer: yes. A slightly longer answer, you can:

  1. Save on overhead. By outsourcing, you can save significant amounts when it comes to wages, space, equipment, materials, and insurance. How much? It’s not unusual to realize a 50% reduction in costs associated with repair services. 
  2. Access the industry’s latest technology. Investing in new technology can be expensive and even cost-prohibitive for many jewelry businesses. By entrusting this function to an outside partner, you can leverage their equipment (and expertise) without taking on additional costs.
  3. Get the best of the best. Hiring a certified jewelry repair specialist is, again, a big line item on the books, especially when total compensation is factored in. Outsourcing empowers you to choose top experts, leaders in the field, and reputable repair professionals, even with tighter budget constraints. And, keep in mind, the industry is facing a shortage of skilled jewelers to take on these jobs. Many are starting to retire, and fewer from the younger generations are entering the field. You don’t have to worry about finding a replacement if your in-house professionals leave.
  4. Deliver great results… fast. Many external repair services are nearly as fast as in-house professionals, so you can offer your clientele efficient turnarounds.
  5. Achieve peace of mind. Security is a pressing concern when it comes to diamond jewelry repair. No one wants to think about their engagement ring becoming damaged or Grandma’s pendant getting lost. Repair specialists with stringent security and quality control measures treat each piece as if it is their own, ensuring they stay safe. This is an assurance you can pass on to your customers. 

This is not to say that there aren’t advantages to doing repair work in-house. Many believe that this allows you to oversee all work and maintain consistency of quality, as well as maintain personalized relationships with customers. Turn-around times may be a bit faster (though not in every case), and of course, there is a bit less risk because the item stays in the shop the whole time.

That said, the benefits of outsourcing diamond jewelry repair often outweigh those of operating an in-house service for the reasons mentioned above. You can address concerns by partnering with the right certified diamond repair specialists. 

Look for:

  • Proper Certification. Repair specialists should have education and certification from associations and/or institutions like GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society).
  • Insurance. It is advisable that customers have insurance coverage on their most valuable pieces. It is also important that the repair specialists carry policies in the event that a piece becomes damaged or is lost. This is not common, but it does happen. Protect your customers - and your business. 
  • Experience. How long has the diamond jewelry repair service been in operation? Do they focus on any particular aspect of repair or can they handle a full gamut of needs? Where were they trained? How do they maintain their certification? What type of equipment do they use? Ask anything, and everything, that you can think of to make sure you are choosing the right partner. 
Rosengart prides itself on acting as your comprehensive in-house diamond department. Our meticulous certified diamond repair helps you expand your offerings, enhance your margins, and, of course, delight your customers. Contact our team for your free price consultation.