The biggest stone in a piece of jewelry is the focal point. Yet just like a movie star they need an ensemble to shine. Accent diamonds are small diamonds that help to make the centerpiece stone look that much more impressive. They often feature symmetrically around that central stone to accentuate its characteristics.

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Matching Accents

The best jewelers will find accent diamonds that match that feature diamond in particular ways. The stones have to be similar in quality and characteristics to the larger diamond they accent so they can further bring out its sparkle. At the same time, they can't be so large that they distract from the larger stone.

The Ideal Size

Accents should be about half the carat weight of a center stone. Any larger, and it simply looks like you're featuring several stones – that doesn't always work for rings or bracelets. Accent stones that are too large also risk making jewelry look asymmetric from certain angles. Certainly there are good intentionally asymmetric looks, but unintentional ones usually don't fly. Keeping accent stones as small diamonds half the carat of the center stone or under leads the eye to better understand and appreciate the design.

Perfect Partners

Accent diamonds should also be within two grades of color and clarity to the center stone. Too much of a difference and either the center stone or accents can look fake, like different stones, or just like a low quality piece. When the center stone and its accents all feature similarities, the small diamond accents really bring out the best in that feature stone.

Examining Accent Diamonds

Always take a look at accent diamonds yourself. Take your time inspecting them. You should never feel rushed by a jeweler. A good jeweler will understand that you want to ensure that the diamonds are good quality. Question them if the diamond looks cloudy, has inclusions, or in any other way doesn't look right or share a similar sparkle to the feature stone.

Ordering Online

Many people order jewelry online, and you should do the same when you get a new piece. Most jewelers work hard and treat their craft as an art. They'll often set aside accent stones with a perfectly partnered center diamond already in mind. This advice will just help you ensure you get exactly what you're looking for from the minute you start wearing a new piece of jewelry.

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